The dispersal of discipline

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The dispersal of discipline

The Nature of a Confederate Guerilla source: Guerillas of the West", by John N.


A "night bird" was a messenger; a "day bird" a courier. To their dialect they had added woodscraft, and to the caution of the proscribed men the cunning of the Indian.

The dispersal of discipline

They knew the names or the numbers of the pursuing regiments from the shoes of their horses, and told the nationality of troops by the manner in which twigs were broken along the line of march. They could see in the night like other beasts of prey, and hunted most when it was darkest.

No matter for a road so only there was a trail, and no matter for a trail so only there was a direction. When there was no wind, and when the clouds hid the sun or the stars, they traveled by the moss on the trees. In the day time they looked for this moss with their eyes, in the night time with The dispersal of discipline hands.

By degrees a caste began to be established. Respect for personal prowess begat discipline, and discipline--strengthened by the terrible pressure of outside circumstances-kept peace in the midst of an organization ostensibly without a government and without a flag.

Internal feuds came rarely to blows, and individual quarrels went scarcely ever beyond the interests of the contending principals. Others came who had deadly wrongs to avenge, and these gave to all their combats that sanguinary hue which still remains a part of the Guerrilla's legacy.

Almost from the first a large majority of Quantrell's original command had over them the shadow of some terrible crime. Honorable soldiers in the Confederate army-amenable to every generous impulse and exact in the performance of every manly duty-deserted even the ranks which they had adorned and became desperate Guerillas because the home they had left had been given to the flames, or a gray-haired father shot upon his own hearth-stone.

They wanted to avoid the uncertainty of regular battle and know by actual results how many died as a propitiation or a sacrifice.

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Every other passion became subsidiary to that of revenge. They sought personal encounters that their own handiwork might become unmistakably manifest. As this class of Guerrillas increased, the warfare of the border became necessarily more cruel and unsparing.

Where at first there was only killing in ordinary battle, there became to be no quarter shown.

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Dead such and such a number-wounded none. The war had then passed into its fever heat, and thereafter the gentle and the merciful, equally with the harsh and the revengeful, spared nothing clad in blue that could be captured. These civilians not only included men but also women and children.

This policy of total war was put into practice, ironically, by a St. Louisan named William T. Sherman, who became the North's most notorious general. Sherman ruthlessly declared, "The government of the U. To the persistent secessionist, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better Sherman, 31 Jan This war on citizens was not simply restrained to be applied against men and women but also children.

Sherman in a 21 June letter to Lincoln's Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, wrote, "There is a class of people men, women, and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order. In Missouri, arresting and inprisoning civilians started almost immediately with the start of the war.

Simply for expressing sympathy for the South or for that matter being an vocal anti-war democrat would land someone in prison.

Out in western Missouri, seventeen young ladies who were family of Quantrill's men were arrested.

The dispersal of discipline

On Aug 14, the old building in Kansas City, used as their prison collapsed crushing fourbadly hurting many others. This was a building unfit for human habitation.

Even a Union doctor had urged that the prisoners be taken to a more safe location. It was later found that supports for this structure were undermined causing the deaths of five, and the severe injury of many others.

Among the seriously hurt was Anderson's youngest sister, ten year old Mary, who would be crippled for life. Crowds gathered around the ruins as the dead and wounded were carried off.Africana Studies is primarily a discipline which investigates the social, cultural, political and aesthetic dimensions of Africana peoples' experiences.

These experiences range from earliest human civilizations through the tragic era of enslavement, colonization and involuntary dispersal through forced migration and displacement of African peoples. The new Introduction to Emergency Communications course includes updated content from the previous Basic Emergency Communications Level 1 course, as well as some content previously included in the former Level 2 course.

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POLITICS: n 1: social relations involving authority or power. We swim in “politics” like fish swim in water; it’s everywhere, but we can’t see it! In fact, telling primates (human or otherwise) that their reasoning architectures evolved in large part to solve problems of dominance is a little like telling fish that their gills evolved in large part to solve the problem of oxygen intake.

The Black Flag of the Quantrill's Partisan Rangers meant "no quarter" for prisoners and was the most feared Confederate battle flag to Union soldiers. congregation for divine worship and the discipline of the sacraments.

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