Revising for essay exam

If it is an open essay exam, you may be provided with a random topic.

Revising for essay exam

Ashley Kannan Certified Educator I have to agree with both previous posts. The most important element in revising any sample of writing is to substantiate your findings with evidence from the text.

Revision Checklist for Essays

It is acceptable to have one's own views, but the substantiation from other sources is critical in all writing, even more vital in a revision. This has to be present in any and all compositions. In terms of order, I think conventional wisdom has your "strongest point" I have to agree with both previous posts.

This will leave the reader with a sense of evidentiary momentum as they close out your paper. The point that might not be the most well supported, or the one that could be subject to the most amount of critique can be placed in between the the first and last point.

Your first point should be solid in its analysis. Obviously, if you have more than three points, do some self reflection and assessment about what you have and then place accordingly. The conclusion should reemphasize, perhaps with a bit more lucid detail your thesis statement.

Depending on your instructor, I have always felt that the best of conclusions raise further questions in an artful and elegant way. There is nothing quite like a student sample of work that actually compels the teacher to think critically about the points made and their implications.

Sometimes, students simply "rehash" previously made points in their conclusions. This might not be the best approach in carving out a conclusion that challenges both writer and reader to intellectually envision something more. It's a tough thing to pull off, but little else compares to it, if done well.

I need to write What should I writeRevising Your Essay • You may like to have your textbook When revising, don’t try to look at all of the parts of your paper at the same time. major topic sentence in your essay should further your readers’ understanding, and thus acceptance of .

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Good essay apply ought to embrace Planning:you ought to establish terribly clearly around six distinct points you propose to create and also the specific elements of . In class on Friday, you will submit your draft, notes, pre-write, and revision sheets.

Exam Instructions: Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go.

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Revising for essay exam

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