Real essays with readings

In defense of brainstorming The most important thing about a brainstorming session is what happens after it ends. What good is it to find great ideas if they go absolutely nowhere?

Real essays with readings

Sages, philosophers and scientists have tried to find answers with varying results, and the answers found by one are not usually the same as those found by the others. The Divine Light is within you. It is the Divine Light of the soul manifesting as life and consciousness.

This Light is from the source that we call God. No other light in the universe can be compared with it. Here are the covers, but the book will be available in a few weeks time. This is the first time such a book is being written, and I thank Professor Nepaulsingh for his foresight. Think of the instant communication made possible by the use of satellites, Internet, email, and whatsap.

What controls the mind? There has to be an intellect. It is the intellect that decides what the mind should do and not do. Absolute Truth and relative truth In Absolute Truth there is no second. The term Absolute is final, nothing beyond. So we can say God is Truth and Truth is God.

This Truth is spelled with a capital T. There is nothing beyond God, Sat Purush. Since God is Absolute, all things in the universe, including us, are parts of God, termed projections or emanations of God.

We arise out of God and return to God. This latter is called Moksha. A doll made of salt goes to measure the depth of the ocean.

It dissolved and became the ocean. It cannot return to tell you anything. Brahm is a term for God, the Absolute. The universe was projected from Brahm by its power of Maya which you can read about. Brahm is Truth, everything else in not Truth.

Real essays with readings

Mithya means something is true one time but becomes untrue another time. All material things are changeable so they are mithya. Truth for one person is not the truth for another person.

Similarly the truth of sciences is different from the Truth that God is. The sun was overhead eight minutes ago, because it takes eight minutes for the sunlight to reach earth. The earth is not round. It is wider at the equator and somewhat flattened at the poles, due to its rotation.

You can say you are a Fijian, then you move to Canada. You are no longer a Fijian. You change your name, religion, wishes, etc. This discussion is for learning and not for criticism. Satnam, Saheb Bandagi and blessings. I was the editor of the Kabir Voice. This reader had an interesting observation.

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My response then is given here. The mind can be very still, as when you are in meditation. Your mind is well controlled, like the calm water of a serene lake. Tagore said that every person, at birth, is given the key of heaven, and the same key also unlocks the door to hell.

So what is the mind?Weekly essays on the lectionary, along with reviews of poetry, books, film and music. Updated every Monday. All free all the time. Readers in countries. 49 Responses to “How to run a brainstorming meeting”. steven bellofatto January 26, at am.

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Real essays with readings

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Real Essays With Readings