Lucaya kiss girl meets the new year

Lucas and Maya have been dating for a while when Mr. Set during sophomore year of high school. Based on a prompt.

Lucaya kiss girl meets the new year

The next road seemed even more desolate and dark than the other, only a few streetlamps and the lights of the houses sprinkled along the street to provide a little brightness. It was late, around 2 or 3am and both of their phones were flat dead with the constant addiction to tech prone to their generation.

They drove slowly in silence up the road until it came to a dead end. Lucas sighed once again, but deeper this time.

However, as soon as he slammed the car door, a light sprinkling of snow began to descend and he knew then that it would not be safe to drive in those conditions at this time so he made his way back to the brooding blonde who had wrapped her arms around herself as tight as she could.

It feels like jack frost is pinching my butt with those razor sharp icicle -claws of his! He pondered for a second, wondering whether to give her his jacket or not.

She turned to him doe-eyed, clearly puzzled and very tired. She pulled it over her head with a quiet word of thanks and then proceeded to pull it down which meant the end happened to reach her lower thigh. He wanted to grab his phone and take a picture but her death stare and lack of power put him off.

They were content for a while, Maya humming a tune and hugging her knees for warmth. It smelt like Lucas, kind of like sandalwood wickeryburning. She had to admit though, she was still freezing. She had only got a loose t-shirt and high waisted shorts on underneath and she also saw Lucas shiver, the outlining curve of his lip turning a pale tinge of blue.

He chuckled at her groaning, but inside was feeling the exact same way. Maya huffed, but did scramble over the seats to the back and rested her head on the cold window. Lucas climbed in the back with her, blanket in tow and sat a measurable distance away from her, just so the blanket reached the tips of them both.

Had it been anyone else, she would be practically lying on top of them now. But it was Lucas. Stuck in a car.

Lucaya kiss girl meets the new year

It had already been awkward enough over the past few months with too many unspoken words and bottomless emotions. Sure, Lucas and Riley broke things off and though it had caused a little awkwardness the first few days, the two were happy as could be when they were simply friends plus Riley may or may not moved her pining over to a certain scientist.

Maya, however, was in denial of the fact. She insisted that they were right for each other, that they had to love each other. Anyhow, it had made the last few months awkward between Maya and Lucas. A cloud of silence loomed over them, and Maya felt her cheeks begin to flush from embarrassment.

Lucas finally broke the silence. You look like a snowman and I think my toes have detached from my body. I have an idea but you have to trust me.

He dared to continue. I knew you were a perv! He genuinely did want to be warm and not a perv. She huffed before mumbling under her breath. Eventually, she lifted it straight over her head, shivering as she felt the chill hit her hard.Read Back To Sleep (Lucaya) from the story Girl Meets World Smut by InterracialLuvDuh (cairo) with 7, reads.

riarkle, friends, betrayal.

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(plombier-nemours.cometsWorld) submitted 3 years ago by LucayaFan. Watch Girl Meets World - Season 2 Episode Girl Meets the New Year online, Girl Meets World - Season 2 Episode Girl Meets the New Year videos, Girl Meets World - Season 2 Episode Girl Meets the New Year links on And clearly LUCAYA is better considering their kiss was so intense it had to be cut out of the episode.

3. The last Ha-huuur (Lucaya fanfiction) At school, free period after classes. Just before cheerleading and basketball practice. Josh finishes his beer and stands up to wish everybody a happy new year, saying he's gotta go to catch up with Denisse. maya hart in girl meets the secret of life.


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Maya looking at Lucas. A collection of Girl Meets World One-Shots. Mainly Lucaya, but a side of Rucas, and maybe Riarkle. Enjoy! New Year's Kiss; New York City; Light Angst; I Love You; Slow Burn; Roommates; Girl Meets World () Boy Meets World (10) Doctor Who (2) Lab Rats (TV ) (2).

Girl Meets Goodbye Trivia. Josh was set to appear in Girl Meets the New Year and his feelings for Maya would've been discussed but due to Uriah's motorcycle accident his role was written out.

He was absent for both the New Years episode and was absent for the Season 2 Lucas and Maya, Maya and Zay, Maya and Riley, Farkle and Maya.

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