Killer whales and other aquatic animals should be released from seaworlds around the globe

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Killer whales and other aquatic animals should be released from seaworlds around the globe

After 25 years in captivity, releasing into the wild would be a death sentence! The trainer just gave too much trust and a pony tail is a toy, even to a house cat.

February 26, at This Whale is a meal ticket for Sea World the only way there going to release it or put it down is for the authorities to say enough is enough and force there hand I say set it free this whale will survive money is the reason for none release. Too many yrs in captivity I think-not sure but something needs to drastically change for this animal living in a small pool is outrageous and cruel.

All they care about is money here not the animals February 26, at It is my understanding that one person was killed A whale knows how to play and be gentle with other whales! It is one of the most miraculous wild animals upon this earth. He should be put to death. His recent trainer is no longer alive The only positive I can see is that he would no longer be confined He is a sire to 10 whales He was just fine the day before.

By the way, sweet suit Tony. I feel for the family of that dedicated and loving trainer. According to the report he was held over after the show for a special appearance for a couple of people.

These whales are highly intelligent, he was probably not in the mood for working overtime just for a few more fish. Any one who thinks this Whale is going to starve to death in the ocean is an idiot the only thing it has to worry about is conflict with other Whales.

After all, animals or in this case a mamal, are just that, and they act accordingly so. Trainers working with wild animals are taking risks and they know it. Do not punish a wild creature for acting naturally. Wild animal trainers are taking risks like mountain climbers and other risks takers.

No one suggests destroying the mountain when a climber dies. They are to big to live in a pool. If at all possible return him to the sea where he came from. I just cannot fathom putting him down. It has told you it does not want to play with you any more.

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The killer whale fins crul as a serious sign that the whale is not in enough water to swim. This is the same as if you had to walk around in a 4 foot high room for 20 years. This is torture for these animals.

These people are not trainers or even conser They are prison guards, and in this case the prisoner had enough. The whale knows what its doing, it was not playing as they will tell you at sea world.

These whale in the wild can create waves to wash seals off ice slabs.

Killer whales and other aquatic animals should be released from seaworlds around the globe

The also play with their food, and know what it takes to kill This whale knows just how long to keep a human under water to kill them. When a human is killed by an animal, you kill it immediately in a way that causes no pain.

Training it,make it do acrobats and act like a clown how far and to what extand. Hasent the animal already siad by killing 3 people now that enough people leave me alone i dont wanna do thisMeet the whales.

The opportunity to see orcas up-close has inspired millions of people, especially children, to care more about marine animals, the oceans and the environment.

Below, meet the 6 killer whales in SeaWorld Orlando's care.

Killer whales and other aquatic animals should be released from seaworlds around the globe

“First, whales will ‘chew’ on concrete and steel features of their tanks,” said Dr. Jeffrey Ventre, a former SeaWorld trainer and co-author of the new study, in an interview with Gizmodo. In the Jewel of the Sea Aquarium and the Manta Aquarium, you’ll find over 3, SeaWorld Orlando animals swimming around — from clownfish to a giant Pacific Octopus.

I highly recommend visiting both aquariums to get a glimpse at the unbeatable beauty of ocean life. Governments around the world are recognizing that dolphins, orcas, and other cetaceans do not belong in tanks.

Chile, Costa Rica, and Croatia all have banned the keeping of cetaceans in captivity. In , India’s Ministry of Environment & Forests banned the keeping of captive dolphins for . An Orca "Killer Whale" leaps out of the water.

An Orca "Killer Whale" leaps out of the water. you started with the early days of the captures --coming all the way around to this historic, really, attempt at a first release. I really haven't changed my attitudes towards zoos or aquariums.

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