Infidelity research paper

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Infidelity research paper

Scientists who studied genetic material from remains found in a Leicester car park say the finding might have profound historical implications. Depending on where in the family tree it occurred, it could cast doubt on the Tudor claim to the English throne or, indeed, on Richard's.

The study is published in the journal Nature Communications. - Summary Essay

But it remains unknown when the break, or breaks, in the family lineage occurred. Inscientists extracted genetic material from the remains discovered on the former site of Greyfriars Abbey, where Richard was interred after his death in the Battle Infidelity research paper Bosworth in We may have solved one historical puzzle, but in so doing, we opened up a whole new one Prof Kevin Schurer, University of Leicester However, there are a wealth of other details linking the body to the Plantagenet king.

The instance of female infidelity, or cuckolding, could have occurred anywhere in the numerous generations separating Richard III from the 5th Duke of Beaufortwhose living descendants provided samples of male-line DNA to be compared against that of Richard.

Image copyright University of Leicester Image caption Wendy Duldig and Michael Ibsen are 14th cousins, descended from Richard's eldest sister Anne of York "We may have solved one historical puzzle, but in so doing, we opened up a whole new one," Prof Kevin Schurer, who was the genealogy specialist on the paper, told BBC News.

Investigation of the male genealogy focused on the Y chromosome, a package of DNA that is passed down from father to son, much like a surname. Most living male heirs of the 5th Duke of Beaufort were found to carry a relatively common Y chromosome type, which is different from the rare lineage found in the car park remains.

The infidelity could, in theory, have occurred either on the branch leading back from Henry to Edward or on the branch leading from Richard to Edward.

Henry's ancestor John of Gaunt was plagued by rumours of illegitimacy throughout his life, apparently prompted by the absence of Edward III at his birth.

He was reportedly enraged by gossip suggesting he was the son of a Flemish butcher.

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History has taken a series of twists and turns. Royal succession has been based on many things in the past: A medieval false paternity does not challenge the current Queen's right to reign. Michael Ibsen and Wendy Duldig are 14th cousins and both carry the same extremely rare genetic lineage as the body in the car park.

Richard III was defeated in battle by Henry Tudor, marking the end of the Plantagenet dynasty and the beginning of Tudor rule, which lasted until Queen Elizabeth I died childless in Richard's battered body was subsequently buried in Greyfriars.

As the Leicester team uncovered the male skeleton, the curvature in its spine became obvious.

Infidelity research paper

The condition would have caused one of the man's shoulders to be higher than the other, just as a contemporary of Richard described. Genes involved in hair and eye colour were also tested. The results suggest Richard III had blue eyes, matching one of the earliest known paintings of the king.

But the researchers say the test is most closely correlated with childhood hair, and in some blond children, hair darkens during adolescence. Image copyright University of Leicester Image caption The curvature in the spine of "Skeleton 1", later confirmed as Richard, was obvious during its excavation The researchers took all the information linking the body to Richard III and carried out a statistical test known as Bayesian analysis to determine the probability that the body was indeed his - or not.

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Despite the absence of a male-line genetic match, the results came back with a He added that, given the apparent certainty of the body's identity, "the lack of any match for the Y-chromosome lineage is quite curious and suggests an intriguing new avenue for dynastic DNA studies".

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