How we can save our environment essay

The environment is polluted by various things such as radioactive elements, plasticssewage, domestic waste and industrial pollution. Nobody is a perfect environmentalist, however, together we can take some honest steps to reduce the number of resources consumed and waste that is generated. Take a look below at some ideas and tips on how we can do this. You can reduce the water wastage by:

How we can save our environment essay

Advertisement SA Forum is an invited essay from experts on topical issues in science and technology. The World Food Prize laureates for were announced in June.

These scientists played seminal roles, together with the late Jeff Schell, in developing modern plant molecular modification techniques. Fraley is chief technology officer of Monsanto.

Chilton is a Distinguished Science Fellow at Syngenta. GMOs genetically modified organisms produced by big ag-biotech companies are responsible for farmer suicides in India.

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A quick search on YouTube turns up these top hits: For the past hundred years or so plant breeders have used radiation and chemicals to speed up the production of genetic changes. This was a genetic shotgun, producing lots of bad changes and a very, very occasional good one. We can now use these methods to make precise improvements by adding just a gene or two or a few that codes for proteins whose function we know with precision.

The anti-GM storm gathered in the mids and swept around the world.

How we can save our environment essay

Most early alarms about new technologies fade away as research accumulates without turning up evidence of deleterious effects. This should be happening now because scientists have amassed more than three decades of research on GM biosafety, none of which has surfaced credible evidence that modifying plants by molecular techniques is dangerous.

Instead, the anti-GM storm has intensified. This puts them at a disadvantage. One scare story based on a bogus study suggesting a bad effect of eating GMOs readily trumps myriad studies that show that GM foods are just like non-GM foods.

What are the facts? Monsanto and the other big ag-biotech companies have developed reliable, biologically insect-resistant and herbicide-tolerant commodity crops that benefit people, farmers and the environment, and are nutritionally identical to their non-GM counterparts.

Insecticides are toxic chemicals that kill insects indiscriminately, both harmful and beneficial. Insect-resistant crops have reduced insecticide use. Insect-resistant GM corn also decreases human and animal exposure to mycotoxins, highly toxic and carcinogenic compounds made by fungi.

The fungi that produce mycotoxins follow insects into plants; insect-resistant plants have no insect holes for fungi to enter and therefore no mycotoxins. Monsanto developed GM crops that tolerate a nontoxic herbicide called glyphosate, aka Roundup.The problem is that even though we want to make the right choices, it’s often too little, too late.

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Essay sample: How we can help to protect the environment? Protecting the environment is one of today’s most serious issues.

It is not a secret that our planet is in danger! Environment Essay 2 ( words) As we all are well familiar with the environment, it is everything which surrounds us naturally and affects our daily lives on the earth. to know ways of saving our environment and to get aware about all the bad habits which declining the environment day by day.

We can save our environment in very easy manner. What Can We Do to Save Our Environment Essay a significant rise in people's concern for the environment. We all affect the natural environment, but we are often are unaware of how much we affect it.

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