Glt1 task 3

Brothers, Holly M Neuroinflammation, Glutamate Regulation and Memory Doctor of Philosophy, The Ohio State University,Psychology Neuroinflammation and excessive glutamatergic signaling have deleterious effects in the brain, are mutually promoting, and play a role in the onset and progression of neurodegenerative diseases. It was my goal to better understand the relationship between neuroinflammation, glutamate dysregulation and clinical symptoms, as well as identify potential therapeutic targets.

Glt1 task 3

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. The result is a progressively worsening triad of cognitive, emotional, and motor alterations that typically begin in adulthood and end in death years later. Autopsy of HD patients indicates massive cell loss in the striatum and its main source of input, the cerebral cortex.

Further studies of HD patients and transgenic animal models of HD indicate that corticostriatal neuronal processing is altered long before neuronal death takes place. In fact, altered neuronal function appears to be the primary driver of the HD behavioral phenotype, and dysregulation of glutamate, the excitatory amino acid released by corticostriatal afferents, is believed to play a critical role.

Although mutant HTT interferes with the operation of multiple proteins related to glutamate transmission, consistent evidence links the expression of mutant HTT with reduced activity of glutamate transporter 1 rodent GLT1 or human EAAT2the astrocytic protein responsible for the bulk of glutamate uptake.

Here, we review corticostriatal dysfunction in HD and focus on GLT1 and its expression in astrocytes as a possible therapeutic target. Although htt contains 67 exons, most Glt1 task 3 has focused on the first exon because it is the site of the HD mutation [ 4 ].

Glt1 task 3, this exon contains between 3 and 30 repeats of the nucleotide triplet CAG, which is translated into a poly-glutamine peptide segment poly-Q.

The final product is a protein of 3, amino acids, with a poly-Q region of variable length at the N-terminal site. Generally, as the number of CAG repeats increases, the age of onset decreases. Individuals carrying 40 CAG repeats, for example, are likely to show the first signs of HD at years of age, but two or three fewer repeats may delay onset by 20 or more years.

In fact, a progressive increase in CAG repeats across generations, a phenomenon known as anticipation, appears to represent an effect of HD on spermatogenesis [ 7 ].

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But CAG repeat length is not the sole determinant of age of onset since environmental factors and genetic variations are also involved [ 8 - 13 ]. The physiological role of the huntingtin protein HTT is complex owing to its multiple functions, including vesicular transport, modulation of the synthesis and release of brain derived neurotrophic factor BDNFas well as transcription factor activity [for review see [ 14 ].

Glt1 task 3

HTT is ubiquitously expressed throughout the body, with no difference in expression between peripheral tissues and the central nervous system [ 1516 ].

The most prominent feature of HD, however, is brain degeneration, particularly the caudate nucleus-putamen striatum and cerebral cortex see below.

The first signs are observed before age Carried to an extreme, a very high number of CAG repeats has a reported age of onset of 18 months, but such cases are rare [ 1718 ]. Psychiatric disturbances and behavioral problems precede the development of motor alterations, which are mainly manifest as bradykinesia and rigidity, but may also include dysarthria, hyperreflexia and occulomotor disturbances.

Glt1 task 3

Juvenile HD patients also show a progressive decline in cognitive abilities and eventually dementia [ 1920 ]. Epileptic seizures are common. Thus, the overall picture of juvenile HD is an accelerated mental and physical deterioration that leads to death between years after symptom onset.

In the first stage, HD patients are likely to show depression, mood alterations, behavioral abnormalities, and changes in personality. Mild cognitive and motor abnormalities also begin to emerge and then worsen over time [ 21 ]. Cognitive impairments first appear in relation to complex tasks, but eventually include loss of memory, language disturbances, and finally, dementia.

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Choreic movements cannot be voluntarily suppressed and worsen during stress. Skilled movements -- such as gait, speech, and swallowing -- deteriorate; even eating declines, as HD patients show a marked loss of body weight. Approximately 10 years after HD onset, the last or akinetic stage emerges, in which chorea is replaced by progressively worsening bouts of bradykinesia and rigidity.

Patients lose the ability to take care of themselves, and their overall health deteriorates [ 22 ]. Pneumonia and heart disease become the most common cause of death. The most striking feature is gross atrophy of the striatum caudate nucleus and putamen. Neuropathological analysis of HD postmortem brains indicates five grades of damage [ 23 ].

In grade 0, no detectable histological neuropathology is observed. In Gradesstriatal neuronal depletion, marked neuronal atrophy and gliosis are progressively observed. In addition to striatal damage, HD brains show atrophy in cerebral cortex.Jan 13,  · 3.

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Up-regulation of GLT1 attenuates cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine-seeking behavior in rats