College essay guy tumblr in beanie

I hope you like this one! Learning all the tips and tricks off of YouTube and making sure that everything is perfect for you. A really romantic setting with an array of blankets and pillows, with books all around because he knows how much they mean to you. Archie and Jughead would spend so much time together in the weeks leading up to your anniversary working on the perfect song to describe how Jug felt for you.

College essay guy tumblr in beanie

Sadly, you were yet another broke college kid who could already feel their bank account hating them just at the thought of buying another, newer laptop. Lucky for you, you had come to the coffee shop well prepared; your laptop bag was slung over the back of your chair and it just so happened to hold your charger in it.

On the other hand, there was something a little more unlucky about the charger — it had to be plugged into an outlet. And, from what you could tell just by a quick glance around the place, the only one in sight was currently being used.

Your eyes nervously stared at the guy occupying the seat right beside it, slouched down in a chair and using his thumb to lazily slide it up the screen, scrolling through tons of things that you were absolutely, positively sure were far less important than the essay that might just make or break your grade.

To make matters worse, he was fucking hot. Generally, you would have had no problem marching over to whoever it was and demanding — more like quietly asking and maybe batting your eyelashes a bit just to ensure that you got what you wanted — that they let you borrow the outlet just until you finished your paper, but there was something about talking to a smoking hot guy with black ink etched beautifully into his tan skin that just made you wonder if you would rather die by your failing grades or actually making eye contact with him.

With a glance at your battery, which was now at four percent, you decided that you would much rather die from the attractive man looking at you, and stood up in a hurry.

Hastily shoving your belongings into the laptop bag, you swiftly walked over in front of him, flashing a sheepish grin at him as he slowly moved his eyes from the screen of his phone up to you.

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No more than ten, I promise. Sure, you had looked at attractive guys before, but that was always from afar and they never actually looked back at you. Yeah, sure, go ahead. While you figured he might move elsewhere, like, perhaps across the room, he just picked himself up and moved to the opposite side of the table.

Feeling a tiny bit relieved, but also a bit more stressed, you hurriedly pulled your charger from your bag and replaced your charger where his used to rest. A satisfied sigh escaped you as your laptop signified that you were charging it, the low battery warning no longer worrying you.

Instead, you felt a tad pressured; now, the random hot guy was right in front of you, which really did not assist in your focus. Seriously, any other time and you would have been thrilled, but he just had to pick then. That, however, did not work.

The sacrifices you made for school were getting larger and larger; first lifetime debt and now losing the chance to talk to an attractive male?

It was getting out of hand.

Be Book-Smarter.

You had to admit, even if it was only to yourself, that you did almost want him to try to keep talking to you, just because your roommate never did and, honest to God, you got a little lonely. A small smile formed on your lips. Now, tell me, can I get your number now or am I going to have to wait until you come back working on another paper?

You extended your hand. You quickly entered your number and name, fingers hovering over the emojis that you could add to adorn your name and trying to decide if he would even consider you worth of having an emoji. You quickly decided you were well worth an emoji and added the crown beside your name, handing his phone back over to him and proceeding to close your laptop.

You finally shrugged your shoulders and returned to putting your stuff in your laptop bag. See ya around, Calum. You jokingly rolled your eyes, walking away without another word.

On the outside, you hoped you looked calm and collected, but on the inside, you were sure that you were anything but calm. You were practically screaming from excitement and you were unsure if you were even going to be able to take your daily nap.XVIDEOS college-porn videos, free. - the best free porn videos on internet, % free.

college essay guy tumblr in beanie

i'm not going to compare you to a garden or a sunset because you have never been something just pretty to look at, you are the blood that runs through my veins. you keep me alive. I'm procrastinating writing essays Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Got any questions about falsettos or writing or me in general Oof I'm procrastinating a college essay bc the thought of my future terrifies me you should ummm ask me questions or tell me about yourself I'm thirsty tries to be a fun mom guy, ends up being.

For the past couple of months, we have been working on my application, and essay for NYU, trying to do everything possible for me to get it, and well today I got the email that I got in!.

You walked in on us just reading the congratulatory email. College Dorm Rooms, Dorm Room List, College Dorm List, College Freshman Tips, Back To College, College Apartments, College Hacks, Freshman Year, College Graduation Find this Pin and more on Dorm Decor by Her Campus.

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