Business plan hostgator control

Whatever your web hosting needs may be, Hostgator has you covered.

Business plan hostgator control

SSL certificates are included with each plan, although the certificate included with the WordPress plan is shared.

business plan hostgator control

The certificate provided with the standard plan is a private SSL certificate. The standard business plan only includes one free website transfer. This business plan hostgator control be either a manual transfer or cPanel transfer.

As for the WP business plan, you receive free migration for up to five websites.

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For most users, the simplicity of the control panel is incredibly important in making a decision on the best web host to go with. Fortunately, HostGator uses the ultra-popular cPanel as their control panel for standard business plans.

Users that go with the WP plan will actually be using a minimalist control panel that was designed specifically for WordPress. This includes assistance directly from their WordPress developers as well as a beginner walkthrough for interested users.

Other than that, users have the ability to take advantage of around the clock support via live chat, ticket, or phone support.

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They also have an extremely useful online support portal that features tons of helpful articles and tutorials to guide you through successfully setting up and running your website. Both the standard and WordPress plans have one-click installs for a number of useful apps.

The community forum in the online support portal is a great place to get feedback on which apps work best for different things. Both business plans actually allow you to create an unlimited number of email accounts for your business.

You also receive the ability to create an unlimited amount of autoresponders, email aliases, mail forwards, and up to 25 different mailing lists.

Another interesting email feature is the SpamAssassin that is considered to be one of the more effective in the industry for preventing issues with spam and email malware. Both plans have automatic off-site data backups.

The only difference is that the standard business plan has weekly backups while the WordPress plan has daily backups for up to 5GB of data. The Final Word At the end of the day, choosing between these two business plans should not be too difficult.

The decision will mostly come down to the amount of traffic that you anticipate your website to receive. If you feel that your website has the potential to grow to somewhere in the neighborhood ofmonthly visitors, the WordPress Business Plan is probably your best option. For users that are simply trying to maintain a digital presence and are not as interested in growing an enormous online audience, the standard business plan will more than suffice.

If you have multiple websites that are receiving massive amounts of traffic, a VPS or dedicated server plan may be your best option. Either way, HostGator definitely has the tools, features, and simplicity to satisfy the needs of any business owner looking to grow their brand online.

And, with their day money back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk with giving them a try.SSL Requires a Dedicated IP Address. A private SSL certificate requires its own dedicated IP address. You can add a dedicated IP to the Enterprise plan for free.

For all other packages, the price of a dedicated IP address is $4 per month. Today we will evaluate the Hostgator Cloud Hosting Plan and see if it is the best hosting plan for your business: A brief introduction of Hostgator: Brent Oxley single-handedly laid the foundation of Hostgator Inc.

around 16 years ago. HostGator Business Plan Review In a nutshell, business plan is just an extension of baby plan which is exclusively made for small businesses. So if you are a small business owner who are looking to build a website online, HostGator’s business plan is the perfect choice.

HostGator places no limitation on the amount or size of files directly pertaining to Services: Cloud hosting, Wordpress hosting, Reseller, Domains.


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