Autobiography ofa river ganga in hindi

The Ganga, largest of India's rivers and the most sacred to Hindus, holds a unique place in Indian consciousness.

Autobiography ofa river ganga in hindi

A typical landscape in the Delta with palms, rice, flat, green and ponds Delta of Ganges from the map of surveyor James Rennell The Ganges Delta has the shape of a triangle and is considered to be an "arcuate" arc-shaped delta. Most of the delta is composed of alluvial soils made up by small sediment particles that finally settle down as river currents slow down in the estuary.

Rivers carry these fine particles with them, even from their sources at glaciers as fluvio-glacial. Red and red-yellow laterite soils are found as one heads farther east.

The soil has large amounts of minerals and nutrients, which is good for agriculture. It is composed of a labyrinth of channelsswampslakes, and flood plain sediments chars.

ANCIENT INDIAThe Prehistoric Period The prehistoric period in the history of mankind can roughly be dated from BC to about BC, w. 0 Vote -, marquer comme inutile. GK pdf. Uploadé par manishchaudhry73 manishchaudhry In this article we'll make a compilation of Swami Vivekananda's quotes on the Indian river Ganga or Ganges. All the superior religions had their growth between the Ganga and the Euphrates. Fool indeed is he, who, living on the banks of the Ganga, digs a little well for water.

A large part of the nation of Bangladesh lies in the Ganges Delta, and many of the country's people depend on the delta for survival. Most of the Ganges Delta has a population density of more than people per km2 people per square mile [ citation needed ], making it one of the most densely populated regions in the world.

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February Bengal tiger Three terrestrial ecoregions cover the delta. The Lower Gangetic plains moist deciduous forests ecoregion covers most of the delta region, although the forests have mostly been cleared for agriculture and only small enclaves remain. Thick stands of tall grass, known as canebrakes, grow in wetter areas.

The Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests ecoregion lies closer to the Bay of Bengal; this ecoregion is flooded with slightly brackish water during the dry season, and fresh water during the monsoon season. They derive their name from the predominant mangrove species, Heritiera fomes, which are known locally as sundri or sundari.

Animals in the delta include the Indian python Python molurusclouded leopard Neofelis nebulosaIndian elephant Elephas maximus indicus and crocodileswhich live in the Sundarbans.

Approximately 1, endangered Bengal tigers Panthera tigris tigris are believed to inhabit the Sundarbans. The Ganges—Brahmaputra basin has tropical deciduous forests that yield valuable timber: The delta region has mangrove trees.

It is estimated that 30, chital Axis axis are in the Sundarbans part of the delta. Birds found in the delta include kingfisherseagleswoodpeckersthe shalik Acridotheres trististhe swamp francolin Francolinus gularisand the doel Copsychus saularis.

Two species of dolphin can be found in the delta: The Irrawaddy dolphin is an oceanic dolphin which enters the delta from the Bay of Bengal.

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The Ganges river dolphin is a true river dolphinbut is extremely rare and considered endangered. Trees found in the delta include sundarigarjan Rhizophora spp. Many endangered species live here. Geology[ edit ] The Ganges Delta lies at the junction of three tectonic plates: The edge of the paleoshelf marks the transition from the thick continental crust in the northwest to the thin continental or oceanic crust in the southeast.

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Approximately two-thirds of the Bangladesh people work in agriculture, and grow crops on the fertile floodplains of the delta. The major crops that are grown in the Ganges Delta are jutetea, and rice.

By turning unused ponds into viable fish farms, and improving methods of raising fish in existing ponds, many people can now earn a living raising and selling fish. Most islands are only connected with the mainland by simple wooden ferryboats. Some islands are not yet connected to the electric grid, so island residents tend to use solar cells for a bit of electric supply.River Ganges or Ganga, as the river is popularly known in India by its Hindu name, is considered a sacred river by the people of India.

Being the greatest waterways in India, it is also one of the longest rivers in the world.

Autobiography ofa river ganga in hindi

Autobiography of a Tree – Essay. Article shared by. I am a tree, tall and imposing, standing all alone near the campus of a temple.

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The River Ganges, also called the Ganga, is perhaps the holiest river in any religion. Though it is also likely one of the most polluted rivers in the world, the Ganges is of immense significance to Hindus. The Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier at Gaumukh in the Indian Himalayas at 4, Page Detail.

Autobiography ofa river ganga in hindi

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Hatia Islands, cluster of islands situated in the Meghna estuary of the Padma River (Ganges [Ganga] River) delta, southeastern Bangladesh. The largest of these, South Hatia Island, is a low-lying land mass about 23 miles (37 km) long and 4–8 miles (–13 km) wide. May 31,  · plombier-nemours.commar, singer, music director and reality show judge, has now decided to enter the field of film direction with the film‘Ardhanari’.

The film deals with the life of eu.

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