Archie weller going home

The weather was surprisingly pleasant giving the runners a good start to the season. Harwich Runners were back in the top pool, having bounced back from relegation at the first attempt in some style and will be seeking to remain in Pool A. Now needing 8 men and 4 women to score and with a number of good runners unavailable though the club finished 6th out of 6 in the first race run over an approximate 5 mile distance. Mark Lloyd in 23rd was next and regular cross country runners Archie Barrington, Simon Day and Robin Brookes all collected valuable points for the club.

Archie weller going home

Robert's father, John Edward Scott, was the youngest of eight children. Of John's four older brothers, one died young, two went into the Indian army and one became a naval surgeon.

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However, poor health kept John from the family service tradition. The family home was also inherited from his father, Robert. This was a house called Outlands near Stoke Damerel, just outside Devonport. The property, a small country estate, was complete with a nice home, a stream at the bottom of the garden, three large greenhouses, dogs, a peacock on the lawn and a small staff of maids and gardeners.

Suffice it to say, this family was a highly respected, very conservative and rather well-to-do Plymouth family. The sons of such Devon families took to the sea as birds to the air and one of Hannah's brothers, Harry Cuming, became a Vice-Admiral.

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Thus, there was a significant naval tradition on both sides of Robert Falcon Scott's parentage. Throughout Con's childhood, daydreaming was a habit he worked hard to overcome as everyone, including himself, considered it a flaw.

Other weaknesses, equally shameful in this era, were his uneasiness with the sight of blood and of suffering in animals. Although he tried hard to conceal it, he never really overcame these perceived problems.

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As a boy, he was "shy and diffident, small and weakly for his age, lethargic, backward, and above all, dreamy" as one of his biographers wrote.

On the other hand, he had a happy childhood as the first five children were born within a nine year period providing plenty of playmates. Although subject to occasional fits of temper, Con's father, John, was considered an easygoing father with plenty of patience.

Con's mother, Hannah, was loved and worshipped by all the Scott children; to Con she was always "the dear Mother". Not much is known about Hannah but one thing is certain: I read the Church service every Sunday on our voyage to Melbourne and I propose to do the same with equal regularity throughout the voyage.

You need not have any anxiety on this point". Scott joined his first seagoing ship in August,at the age of thirteen. Midshipmen were still students with naval instructors as their teachers.

Training was intense for these young men as Admiral Sir William Jameson wrote that midshipmen were "up aloft in all sorts of weather and away for long hours in boats under oars and sail.

In spite of rigid barriers, young officers learnt the lower deck point of view in a way which is often difficult to achieve in these more democratic days". The young men worked in the rigging feet above deck. They slept in hammocks, bathrooms were unknown, instructors were strong and intense in their verbal attacks, and punishment included beatings and extra drill.

As a result, survival created a man, from a boy, with complete suppression of a young boy's natural feelings of fright, homesickness and lack of self-confidence. He had to learn to bear pain without flinching, to obey orders directly, and disregard any immature tendencies.


This treatment could be quite traumatic for a young boy coming from a comfortable home. Con Scott was considered an excellent example of a student as he learned the lessons thoroughly while climbing up the lower branches of the navy.

The midshipmen of the four participating ships raced their cutters across the bay at St. Kitts in the West Indies.

Present at the dinner was Albert's cousin and guest, a middle-aged geographer named Clements Markham. Clements was thoroughly impressed by Con's intelligence, enthusiasm and charm and later wrote "My final conclusion was that Scott was the destined man to command the Antarctic expedition".

Destiny had arrived for young Scott. After nine months on the HMS ROVERScott went on to spend the winter of at the Royal Naval College at Greenwich and in March he was awarded first-class certificates in pilotage, torpedoes and gunnery, coming in with the highest marks in his class in his year of seamanship.

He had to make his own way across North America with the last stage of his trip being a long journey in a tramp steamer from San Francisco to Esquimault, BC.

Archie weller going home

The summer of was spent on leave with his family at Outlands. He played golf with his brothers and played tennis with his sisters. It was a happy time for the twenty-two year-old. By the end ofat the age of twenty-five, Con received tragic news from his mother: John Scott had sold the brewery on Hoegate Street a few years before and was now enjoying his life of retirement while working in his greenhouses.

Hannah had assumed that interest income from the sale of the brewery would allow them a comfortable life and one can imagine her shock when John revealed the necessity to give up Outlands as he had drawn on the capital and, although never confirmed, likely made a poor investment which resulted in the loss of their remaining capital.

In questionable health and 63 years old, John Scott had to look for a job. John actually did find a job, as a manager of a small brewery.

Rose had landed a job at Nottingham Hospital and it wasn't long before the three remaining sisters began searching for their own careers.Structural Analysis of “Fish And Chips” by Archie Weller The first paragraph established a complex, pleasant image of an experience virtually all readers can share.

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