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So what explains these ratings?

Andrew carter casestudy

The Biochar carbon abatement from the RHC addition is approximately 0. Introduction including an assessment of potential contaminants and other environmental and health and safety aspects.

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We suggested, in particular, that RHC should proportion of feedstock. We then present and tion and mineralisation to CO2 Sohi et al.

Andrew carter casestudy

We undertake a preliminary economic mitigation. In part I we presented four criteria for assessing the valuation of the use of RHC. In part I, we undertook an analysis of the physico-chemical properties of RHC, 2. Field trials using rice husk char n Corresponding author. The results are shown in Fig.

At farm 2, the paddy rice yield increase is ca. The low yields of paddy variable measured is the yield of the crop harvestable biomass. Farm 2 trials unlike those at farms 1 and 3 used compost response to biochar addition Karve et al.

The replicated trials on rice indicate a statistically December and harvested in March One hypothesis is that it is the nutrient impacts. The soil is sandy to a depth of ca. The role of nutrients in explaining the by ca. Carbon abatement assessment Eq. Scanning electron microscope cross-section of rice husk char showing the biomass feedstock processing all expressed in t CO2eq.

The impact of RHC addition on a rice straw yield and b paddy yield error bars shown; kg per plot. Compost was added to the soil at farm 2 both control and with biochar plots. Hence results cannot be compared directly to those at farms 1 and 2.

There are a number to be cultivated at similar levels in future years. In other words, of different potential uses of rice husk: CO2 emissions arising from the biotic or abiotic conversion of S.

Empirical data on aerobic decomposition of rice husk over a three year period has been presented by Knoblauch et al. The percentage of carbon mineralised to CO2 ranged from The experimental results of Knoblauch et al.

For example, tar and some anaerobic decomposition takes place, the net carbon that is produced during the process is collected and burnt, hence abatement is 3. Hence, compared to alternative uses of the rice husk, the been accounted for here.

Assuming char—which is under 0. If we assume a arising from the priming of soil organic carbon in soils Sohi et al. There may also be some suppression of other farmer of RHC assuming it is free would be ca. Note The net carbon abatement of RHC at 0.

This compares to an estimate of the agronomic value pyrolysis and ca. Hence, it would be necessary to include the biochar system. Economic assessment It is not the aim of this paper to assess the economic viability of 5.

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Whether they are economically attractive investments in other countries is another matter, due to market, technology, a Criterion 1: Questions remain regarding the combustion facilities as has happened elsewhere the existing safety of RHC for human health.

Uncertainty remains in whether a free by- or waste-product. Likewise, there are pollution and contamination issues the material to create a market where it can be bought and sold. Our Some mills have succeeded in selling RHC to farmers at price of evaluation to date relates only to the use of RHC, not to — riel per 25 kg bag, or ca.

A few other mixtures of RHC and sludge from the settling ponds. Such buyers have emerged, e. Other mills have given RHC away to farmers or known carcinogens.Increasing access to groundwater is a key strategy for household water supply (both potable and nonpotable) during drought.

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Andrew carter casestudy

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