An analysis of the topic of the novel and the lessons of morality religion and life and death

Does relying on a translations of a religious text get in the way of practising a faith? Words are, however, a way for the worldly to connect with the divine through prayer and worship. For many, developing a greater understanding of a religion extends not only to studying the theological and philosophical points but to learning another language.

An analysis of the topic of the novel and the lessons of morality religion and life and death

Ethics Examine the views of scholars concerning the idea that religion and morality are linked. In this essay I am going to be looking at all the different view points on why some people may think religion and morality are linked.

Many people believe that morality is based upon religion and the rules written in the Bible and other holy books, although some say that religion is completely opposed to morality and it is wrong to mix the two.

An analysis of the topic of the novel and the lessons of morality religion and life and death

We will write a custom essay sample on Religion and morality or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Some scholars believe there are three views on the relationship between religion and morality, one of them being that morality depends on religion.

Religious leaders are expected to have extremely high standards of morality, R. Much religious language is the language of morality, and as we have seen religious believers have committed themselves to particular ways of behaving.

There must be a holy author of the world who makes possible the highest goods.

Religion and Morality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

God tells us how to live, obedience is commanded. Disobedience to the word of God is a sin. He also thinks that the existence of God is necessary for the summum borum which is the highest for of good to be achieved, and that the summum borum is not achievable in this life, therefore the existence of God is necessary for the goal of morality to be realized.

Another is that morality is independent of religion. Freud believed the conscience is a moral policeman. The internalized super-ego that controls and socializes human moral behavior.

Capable of doing much damage to our mental health. Some people believe conscience has no supernatural origin, it is the product of how people are brought up. Parents and teachers, teach us right and wrong and we are effected by the environment we are brought up in.

Religion and morality is also linked by religious influences on moral matters. Another example is that CARE lobby for a reduction in the time limit for legal abortions, to 18 weeks, and against the growing swell of public opinion in favor of legalizing assisted suicide. If this is true God is the guardian of morality.

Without God moral chaos or anarchy would ensue. Some other reasons why people say that religion and morality are linked is that: Moral codes are derived from religion.

Moral opinions are judged against religious teachings. In conclusion the strongest view to me is Social Conditioning, in which morality is independent of religion.

Moral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues

I believe that peoples morality comes from the environment that they are brought up in, and the people around them such as parents and teachers. From a very young age we are taught what is right and wrong, and grow up respecting the law and people around us more than God.

Comment on the view that religion and morality are not linked. Almost all Christians will say something is good because God says so, his commands must be obeyed. C Grayling believes that religious morality is irrelevant to modern society because what people value has changed.

He thinks that modern morality includes a great concern for human rights, animal welfare and the environment, not because of God but because of the instrumental value to themselves.

Nietzsche has a view that Christianity is a disease on humanity and that morality is also a disease that imposes limits on human freedom. He believes that feelings of guilt, shame and remorse are forced upon us from the churches, and that we are made to feel bad for fulfilling our desires.

A Sharpe believed this to be a misconception.

Satire and Symbolism

He believes this because some churches teach that God hates homosexuals, or that contraception is wrong. A secular ethicist could argue that people are more likely to be morally responsible if God does not exist.

If there is no afterlife then we should behave in this life as there will be no reward or punishment at the end, life is short, treat people well.

I myself know not to murder someone, not because of a fear of God or that the Bible told me not to, but because I have been brought up to know it is wrong and against the law, and I do not wish to end up in prison.

People who claim that religion is their morality are basically saying that without the fear of going to hell they would have no motivation to follow the morals. Another argument would be what if the divine changes his mind. If God said that murdering children was the right thing to do, would it be?Childhood, marriage, death, and the afterlife.

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An analysis of the topic of the novel and the lessons of morality religion and life and death

In an effort to understand the moral status of these beings, this book develops and defends distinctive accounts of the nature of personal identity, the evaluation of death, and the wrongness of killing.

of Nature In One Big Picture Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a book of tragedy, realization, life lessons, and triumph. The novel illustrates the flaws of humanity, as well as the assets.

A study in dualism: The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The novel illustrates the flaws of humanity, as well as the assets. Religion and Morality First published Wed Sep 27, ; substantive revision Tue Dec 2, From the beginning of the Abrahamic faiths and of Greek philosophy, religion . The Death of Ivan Ilych is a picture of the values by which many (and perhaps most) people live.

It is a life without meaning. It is a life without meaning. We need to note a . “We keep on being told that religion, whatever its imperfections, at least instills morality. On every side, there is conclusive evidence that the contrary is the case and that faith causes people to be more mean, more selfish, and perhaps above all, more stupid.”.

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